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Univox Ripper, 1970s Matsumoko-made Japanese Strat-a-like


Here's a 1970s Univox Ripper, made at the now legendary Matsumoko factory in Japan. It's obviously a Stratocaster-derived guitar, and whilst I've seen other similar Univox Strat-type guitars - complete with triple humbuckers, one angled at the bridge - the others I have seen have always had Strat-type necks too. The neck on this example looks like it belongs to another guitar, a bolt-on neck Les Paul copy maybe. Not only are there block inlays and binding on the 22-fret fingerboard, but the headstock is a LP-ish 3+3 affair. Looking at the picture, I can't help wondering if the scale length is LP-like too?

As to those pickups, the seller claims that:
These are hi-output pickups that produce their own, unique sound. The humbuckers sound more like the P90s in a Jag than a Strat or Tele. Some positions sound single coil-ish, others are fatter with more growl. I'd certainly take this over ANY Strat, it's way more versatile.
It's certainly an interesting variation on the Strat design, that's for sure, but it does have that Frankenstein mix'n'match look to it.

G L Wilson

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