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Aria Pro 2 615-SPL Tele-inspired guitar from the mid 1990s


Here's an Aria Pro 2 615-SPL from the 1990s, very probably Korean-made, and although this is from after their famed Japanese Matsumoko-made period they were still producing some nicely made instruments at this point. (Some modern Arias I've seen I have not been too impressed by).

The design is obviously derived from the Telecaster but in its own way makes for quite an attractive guitar. I like the swirled outline of the pickguard. The eBay seller says it's a "very rare model" and whilst it's not a guitar that has come across my radar before I doubt it has any great rarity value. It is what it is: a mid-90s Korean-made Telecaster-derived guitar and is in all probability a very nice little instrument and may well be worth a bid or two if you're in the market for such a guitar.

I'm also reminded of Saint Blues, who took the Telecaster but remodelled it with their own smaller distinctive body.

G L Wilson

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