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Another acoustic guitar with a built-in speaker in its top


A few days ago here on Guitarz we looked at a Kay acoustic guitar with built-in amp, speaker and effects. Well, here's something similar submitted by Jonny M. Garcia via our Facebook page but this time it's not a factory-fitted speaker, it's a Do It Yourself conversion by the owner who is now selling the guitar on Craig's List. This is what he says about it:
I modified an almost new AmericanLegacy acoustic guitar by mounting a speaker and amp (with overdrive) directly into the guitar! I quickened the action and now this bad ass mother sounds, plays and feels like a strat! A guitar body is really a speaker box and the speaker here picks up on resonant frequencies that feeds back on itself like Eddie Van Halen! It is truly a live wire! It uses 2- 9 volt batteries, and has a 3 band EQ onboard as well. The pickup is a transducer. The frets are in perfect shape. It comes with a hard case. Look closely at the pic to see the red "on" light next to the volume and overdrive controls. Take it to an acoustic jam anywhere and you can play rock leads on an acoustic that really sound like rock leads! I made one for myself nearly 30 years ago and it has been awesome and reliable, and people are amazed! I am a furniture artisan so my workmanship is good. Believe it or not, this is the second one I've made in all that time- this one's for sale!
I don't know where to start! "Plays and feels like a Strat"? "Eddie Van Halen"? "Overdrive control"? I do have to ask, WHY? If you want something that plays and feels like a Strat, why not use a Strat? As for using an acoustic to play rock leads, again I do not see the point. Just because something is possible, it doesn't necessarily follow that it should be done.

Also, I can't help thinking that cutting a hole in an acoutic's top and inserting a speaker is not going to do the natural acoustic sound of the guitar any favours at all. And what about the internal bracing? I can't believe he cut a hole without cutting through some of that.

G L Wilson

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