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Adam's hand-built cocobolo electric guitar


Guitarz reader Adam Kralic sent me these photos of a guitar he has recently finished building. For some reason Adam thought I might hate the guitar. Now let me say this, even if a guitar isn't to my particular tastes, I will always applaud good luthiery. Hey, it's not as if I've ever created anything as skilled as this. I've put together a few guitars from parts, Frankenstein-style, but that's about my limit.

The shape is a litte PRS-ish - well at least around the double cutaway end of the body, especially with that little scoop on the lower horn to aid access to the top frets, and I freely admit that I am no PRS fan. I think also that the headstock looks a little over-large for the body shape... but these are minor quibbles and my own opinion to boot. I'm not trying to knock the guitar at all. As I was saying, I wish I had it in me to be able to create a guitar from scratch. This looks to be a beautifully constructed and finished instrument, with top notch attention to detail.

Anyway, the specs:
  • 25" scale neck with jumbo frets.
  • 12" radius fretboard.
  • Gotoh vintage/modern tuners (vintage style, modern 18:1 gear ratio)
  • Black TUSQ nut (self lubricating and sounds great)
  • Neck thru design.
  • Figured Bubinga fretboard with offset abalone dot inlays. (side dots are abalone too)
  • AAAA Flamed maple neck with thick mahogany laminates. (adds strength...and looks cool)
  • Semi-gloss finish on neck; satin finish on body.
  • (Paper thin finish! Resonates better by far than those 1/8" thick factory finishes on the import guitars.)
  • KING Grade cocobolo tops and bottoms. 1/4" thick for both sets. Museum grade wood.
    (cocobolo is most closely related tonally to Brazilian Rosewood with many claiming Cocobolo is superior tonally)
  • Seymour Duncan JB humbucker.
    (most versatile humbucker around...everyone from jazz cats to metal heads love the JB)
  • Cocobolo control plate and truss rod cover.
  • 500k volume and tone pots.
  • Schaller Roller bridge.
    (hands down the most adjustable hardtail bridge on the market. Heavy too. GREAT sustain!)
  • Hair under 9 lbs in total weight
Adam is currently offering this guitar for sale on eBay where it has a $1,200 start price and a But It Now of $1,350.00.

G L Wilson

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