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Floyd Rose Redmond Series USA Speedloader


This one is especially for Guitarz reader Matt-D6. The Floyd Rose Speedloader is a Strat-type guitar and would seem pretty unremarkable if you didn't notice the headstock. This isn't a headless guitar as such, but the headstock is present purely for balance and aesthetical reasons. So, the $64,000 question is, how do you tune it? Well, you need special Speedloader strings to start with. These are made to the correct gauge and length for this guitar, so you just drop them in to the retaining slots, tighten and they are more or less in tune rightaway, save for a little fine tuning which can be achieved down at the bridge as is normal for a Floyd Rose trem. At least, that's my understanding of how the system works. It makes a lot of sense, but the idea never really caught on.

I'm not sure how easy the Speedloader strings are to come by, but this seller on eBay is including five sets along with the guitar which could last you a while, depending of course on how long a set of strings lasts you! This guitar is currently available on eBay for the Buy It Now price of $1,000.

G L Wilson

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