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Rare Yamaha SG-2 circa 1966-67 on eBay now!


From the eBay listing:
Yamaha SG-2 SG 2 their first electric guitar 60's MOJO

One of the coolest sexist guitars you will ever see.  From the 60's when guitars were COOL.  Yamahas first eclectic guitar.   Cooler looking than a Strat. 

Check out Link Ray playing his on youtube playing midnight lover  

High quality guitar, check out Harmony Central for the user reviews. 

Guitar looks great with just a small chip on the bottom, see pic.

Plays well and electronics work, sounds great, could probably use some contact cleaner, 

Output jack may need to be tightened or cleaned or looked at as it crackles if you move the cord.

Comes with the whammy bar. 

Comes with a guitar case that is not the greatest but works well.

(sic throughout)
It sure is a nice one. Don't you think it'd be a good companion for my SG-3? Anyway, Guitarz has linked through to hundreds - possibly thousands - of eBay auctions over the years. It's nice to see an eBay auction linking to us for a change!

This guitar was listed with a starting bid of $25.01 and bidding has already been enthusiastic with over 5 days left to go on this auction. I'd love to bid myself, but it would be incredibly hard to justify buying another guitar right now especially one so similar to a guitar I already own.

G L Wilson

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