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Diego's Stocco's Experibass - 4 necks on a double bass


OK, this is slightly off-topic because, of course, the double bass is NOT a guitar but rather a member of the viol family; however most would agree it IS a parent of the modern bass guitar and so is worthy of including here on Guitarz. Anyway, this isn't any old double bass. It's the creation of sound designer and composer Diego Stocco. As he explains:
I had an idea in mind for an instrument I wanted to build. My curiosity was to hear the sound of violin, viola and cello strings amplified through the body of a double bass. I came up with a quadruple-neck experimental "something" that I thought to call Experibass.

To play it I used cello and double bass bows, a little device I built with fishing line and hose clamps, a paintbrush, a fork, spoons, a kick drum pedal and a drum stick. I hope you'll like it!
While the music produced is mostly percussive, there's no denying the drama within it.

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