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James Chance, the Contortions and a Hagström Kent


Another video, that gives the opportunity to see an Hagström Kent in action - played by Pat Place, one of the two guitarists of James Chance and the Contortions, a late 1970S New York-based No Wave band that combines jazz-punk with funk (it is said that James Chance differed from many of his No Wave colleagues, since he was really mastering his instrument - the saxophone - and expected the same from his musicians). 

I cannot see the guitar very distinctly for the video is shot in a very... No Wave way, but it must be a PB-24-G model with its bolted acrylate front, the grid between its two single coils and the four switches in a curve. It sports the Hagström logo (you noticed that I write Hagström with a "ö", though it is distributed as Hagstrom in English speaking countries, but Umlauts are cool, aren't they?) but to tell you what it says would be complicated, for the same model had different names in different countries - for example Futurama in UK - the name evolved over time (1962-1966) and there's been at least three different versions of it...


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