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1960s Fasan semi-hollowbody three-pickup electric guitar - German or Italian?


Here we have a 1960s vintage Fasan semi-hollowbody complete with vibrato, three pickups and a plethora of switches and controls. Fasan were a German manufacturer, but the seller of this example makes a big noise of that fact that it resembles the Welson/Dynacord DC-3V model and, I guess, is implying that it may have been made in Italy and re-branded with the Fasan name. Well, I can see the similarities, but they are not THAT similar and are certainly from separate manufacturers. The body shape is definitely quite different, with the Italian guitar having much more Mickey Mouse-style horns (Oh no, not him again!).

Fasan (which means Pheasant, by the way) were a German guitar manufacturer and I see no reason to doubt that this guitar was built anywhere but in Germany.

Currently listed on ebay with a Buy It Now price of $679.95.

Thanks to Luke Tildsley who saw this guitar on eBay and made us aware of it!

G L Wilson

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