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1980s Soviet-era Czechoslovakian-made Jolana Proxima guitar


There's a lovely Jolana Proxima being offered for sale on eBay UK with bidding currently at £65 at the time of writing. I'd dearly like to join in the bidding myself, but do not have the funds (nor the space) available right at the moment. The Proxima, made in Czechosolvakia in the 1980s, is a close relative to the Jolana Galaxis guitar which had pickups and controls front-mounted on a pickguard, Strat-style.

The guitar appears to be in excellent condition, although strangely the Proxima logo is missing from the headstock. Pickups are a pair of huge humbuckers, identical to the single unit on my Jolana Disco. The chunky machine head buttons are another item these guitars have in common. The tremolo/vibrato is of the Jazzmaster persuasion, which I guess is in keeping with the Proxima's offset body design.

Thanks to Alex for bringing this guitar to my attention.

G L Wilson

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