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1965 Egmond Kansas


This 1965 Egmond Kansas is both simple and bizarre, it has its own coherence though one could find it like a collage of contradictory elements... I still cannot figure out if Egmonds were only crap budget guitars or if some higher-end models have a value other than being vintage: the Kansas was an upgrade of the Lucky 7 with the addition of a truss rod - you see what I mean - but this one looks much more sophisticated than the Lucky 7 we looked at a few weeks ago... Why this one has a pointy cutaway instead of the standard round one, I cannot tell (but it's not the only one I saw).

Incidentally, I just learned that Egmond was actually the biggest European guitar company in the 1960s! It bankrupted in 1983 as it couldn't resist to Asian guitars - that were probably of much better quality BTW.


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