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Peter Malinoski Art Guitar #57


Peter Malinoski is an artist who builds guitars because he wasn't satisfied with the standard of mass-produced guitars as sold in the stores. His guitars are often very organic-looking, and sometimes totally eccentric. As he explains:
I consider the guitar as a complete sculptural object where all forms, shapes, colors and material share a design integrity, where the back is as important as the front and the sound as important as the image; they are not simply a collection of pieces and parts. Although I use standard off the shelf components like strings, tuners and bridges, I make my own pick-ups and build them into the guitar as part of the total design integrity. [...] My intention is to create unique and beautiful instruments that are to be used to make unique and beautiful music.
Peter Malinoski Art Guitar #57, possibly one of his more sober designs, is currently being offered for sale on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $1,595. See more detailed photos and specs here.

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