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Fender PBAC-100 Made In Japan Thinline Acoustic/Electric Fretless Precision Bass


Ah, you don't see these too often. It's a relation of the Fender FMT Bass we looked at in January although, obviously, fretless, with a natural finish and a classic Fender P-Bass style headstock. (In fact, this is the bass, I was referring to in the write-up of the HMT bass.) It's a Fender PBAC-100 fretless bass, Made In Japan 1990, and is clearly based on the Precision Bass but given the Thinline treatment. The bridge is an acoustic-styled unit and features an under-saddle piezo pickup, which used in conjunction with the P-Bass pickup allows for a mix of acoustic and electric tones.

I briefly tried one of these years ago and quite liked it. Looking at these photos now I still think it's a nice bass, but those horrible tone-killing black strings would have to go.

Currently being offered for sale with a Buy It Now price of $1,299.99.

G L Wilson

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