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Vintage Norma Guitar with fallen F holes!


What the...? Double take time in eBay town! I tagged this guitar because I thought it was a conventional but very nice looking guitar, especially the pickups. I love the surrounds. Today when I was double checking it I noticed the f holes. What the? I'll say it again for the third time. What the? I don't think I've seen such a strange thing on an otherwise conventional instrument - ever. What on earth were they thinking? The top of the f holes are right beside the bridge, where there is most downward pressure. I'm surprised it's survived. Maybe , as the bottom is the deepest part, they thought it was the best place for sound projection... No, you're right. That doesn't make sense at all.

This definitely comes under the category " well, someone must have thought it was a good idea!"

David in Barcelona (back from Sitges)

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