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Ukuleles, ukuleles everywhere!


It's good to carry a photo camera all the time, you can fish things in real life, that you can't find on the Internet... I pass regularly by this window, and I always think of GL - our host here at Guitarz - and his taste for ukuleles (I tried one myself but couldn't get anything interesting out of it, I'd be more attracted by a lute, a saz or a mandocaster). So this time I took a picture of it!

Anyway, this shop is fascinating, and I never thought you can have so many uke variations: banjolele, guitarlele, resonatorlele, lespaulele, sitarlele, travelling ukulele, baritone... Also little amps and other accessories, and - something I didn't notice but that is obvious on the photo - a book to learn how to play AC/DC songs on a ukulele!


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