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A late 30's Harmony made 'Ball McIntire' slide guitar


First of all I want to make an UNRESERVED APOLOGY to Gavin for turning his blog into a circus with an ill considered and childish remark which upset quite a few people.
I feel like the guy who gets invited to someone's party and proceeds to pee in the plant pot.
I hope this entry goes some way to make up for the stress I caused and restores some harmony to these pages. Sorry Gavin.

Talking of harmony: This very nice looking Ball McIntire guitar on ebay caught my eye as much for it's own intrinsic beauty as for the lengthy and detailed description, not to mention almost enough photos to crash eBay's servers. The seller of this instrument obviously has a great deal of knowledge and interest in guitars. Definitely not one of those who are "selling it for a friend and don't have anything to plug it in to so can't say if works or not". Did I mention the sound clips? Seven (count em) nicely recorded little pieces which showcase the great tone of this, more than seventy year old, guitar. It's worth checking the listing just to read his description while listening to him play.

David in Barcelona

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