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Gibson Trini Lopez


I remember seeing Trini Lopez on TV when I was a kid but never really got the music as this "Latin stuff" was definitely for the mums so this post is by way of making up a little for my youthful callowness. A beautiful 1967 Gibson Trini Lopez on eBay. I thought the headstock was reminiscent of a Firebird and a little Googling brought up this image of a Trini Lopez deluxe with reversed neck courtesy

At the risk of sounding cynical (Moi?), this was a period when guitar manufacturer's marketing departments were working overtime to get us buying their products. It's hard to believe now but the guitar market was in decline at the end of the sixties and there were a lot of businesses trying to get a share of the pie. So, we have a Gibson 335 with diamond sound holes and a Firebird neck being promoted by a big star. It's notable that the Deluxe has florentine cutaways as opposed to the roundy ones. It's great that even something as cold as hard commerce can come up with something as beautiful as this.

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