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The Gibson Moderne. A 1982 reissue of the guitar that never existed.


The Moderne was the other guitar in the trilogy that included the Explorer and the Flying V but the evidence is that it never made it into production. It's been claimed that a handful were made and either destroyed or somehow "lost". That makes a great story and one that will probably never be truly authenticated as it was fifty odd years ago and most of the people involved are now pushing up daisies. A quick look at the article linked in this sellers text reveals that a few copies have been made, notably Ibanez's recreation of the trilogy in 1975 and Epiphone's (re)issue in 2000. Even this Gibson example at just over £3000 (BIN) is one of just 183 made (that number isn't verified either so even the reissue is continuing the tradition of vagueness and speculation).

The article also talks about Glenn Miller (not the famous bandleader) and his reconstructions of the '82 Modernes at Wrona's House of Violins in New York, from a stock of parts he bought from Gibson in 1984. It seems he is still producing them today from those Gibson parts though it's not clear if they're 100% original. These "made from Gibson parts but not BY Gibson" Modernes are certainly going to cloud the already muddy waters for the future and further enhance the mythology of the Moderne.

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