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Dano U1 in a sorry state


I think we have a rather optimistic eBayer here. With a starting price of $3,500 and a Buy It Now of $4,500, even if it wasn't covered in all that crap this old Danelectro U1 wouldn't be worth anything near that kind of money. Furthermore, whilst the body is said to be from the 1950s, the neck isn't original and supposedly dates from 1967.

In the hyperbole of the listing the seller claims that "this guitar is for rock stars only" and that "If you really are a rock star and money is no object Buy-It-Now, for a guitar you'll never want to smash."

Yeah, as if that is the primary function of a guitar.

Someone has desperately been trying to create the illusion of a guitar with that certain "mojo" here, but it falls flat as being remarkably contrived. The sea-shell for a tone knob is one particularly banal touch. It's such a pity that someone had to spoil a vintage piece like this. If you want to be "arty" there are plenty of cheapo Chinese guitars to go wild on.

Thanks to Shubert Silva for bringing this guitar to my attention.

G L Wilson

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