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(Customized) vintage BC Rich Mockingbird


At first when I saw this BC Rich Mockingbird, I was positively astonished - I always favor guitars with pickguards, and the sunburst finish that I usually don't like almost gives it a nice classic feel - and reveals what it owes to the Firebird. Then I remembered the Vox post a few days ago, and the suspicion about the authenticity of its strat pickups configuration.

And indeed, I always saw Mockingbirds with humbuckers, no pickguard, tune-o-matic bridge (rarely a Floyd Rose trem), like the metal oriented guitar it's meant to be. Then I noticed the headstock - reverse with 6 tuners in line and a big R logo... Definitely not original, and in spite of what its eBay seller claims (and I'm sure that he knows that this is not true), this is not a vintage Mockingbird but a frankenstein - and I have to admit that I quite like it better like this!


Edit: this post called controversy, since - though I made a research about vintage Mockingbirds - several comments confirm it as an original BC Rich (maybe a short lived Mockingbird II trying to invest the strat market) and not a modified one - but I still need a concrete proof... Check the comments for more information.

Second edit: it's confirmed, it's an original from 1983 - check the comments for more (you will note that the info doesn't come from the Internet, but from an old paper magazine!). Thanks to the contributors to this post and shame on me!

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