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A pair of Wurlitzer "Wild One" stereo guitars


There are a couple of nice examples of Wurlitzer guitars on eBay right now. The above pictured guitar is a Wurlitzer Cougar. As the seller explains, Wurlitzer guitars were "...made in the U.S.A., Kansas in 1965/66 at the Holman-Woodell factory. The pickups are in stereo, but work as normal with a mono cord. Both pickups have a jazz/rock button (rolls off highs), and a separate volume/tone control. There is an A, B, and A+B switch to mix the pickups and a center detented volume control on the treble horn that allows the mixing of the two."

This guitar is currently on eBay with a starting price of $50, although there is a reserve.

Below we see a Wurlitzer Wildcat. In this instance the seller, aware that it's a rarity, has slapped a Buy It Now price of $2,499 on it. Possibly a little over-optimistically.
The Wildcat is essentially the same guitar as the Cougar, only with a different body shape. There was a third design in the "Wild One" series - the Wurlitzer Gemini - which is possibly better known and has been reissued in recent years by Eastwood Guitars.

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