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Eko Rock VI rocket-shaped surf beauty!


Following a recent re-issue by Eastwood Guitars, the Eko Rock VI is Eko's own re-issue of the Eko Rokes guitar from the 1960s. These rocket-shaped guitars, also available in bass and 12-string models, were created for and named after 1960s pop band The Rokes who were Italy's answer to The Beatles.

This particular guitar offered for sale here on eBay was used by The Fuzztones recently on tour in Italy. It has a Bigsby-esque vibrato and - rather unusually - a Tele-style single coil pickup and a humbucker both positioned together in the centre position. This does seem an odd arrangement, but according to the listing these pickups deliver "a warm punchy mid sixties sound which is brilliant for rhythm but on the other hand can be selected to give a cool surf early 60s lead sound similar to a vintage strat!"

The retro styling coupled with modern playability offers something a little bit different in the modern guitar world where we see the same designs re-interpreted ad nauseum. I like it!

G L Wilson

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