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Moog surprise all and sundry with a new GUITAR, of all things!


Moog Paul Vo Collector editionYes, it's official, after teasing everyone on 1st April saying they were going to start production of a guitar, legendary synthesiser manufacturer Moog have called our bluff and the Moog Guitar Paul Vo Collector Edition is now available to order.

But, despite its pedigree, this is not guitar synth and neither is it a midi-guitar. However, it does feature some pretty cool electronics that directly affect the strings of the guitar.

With three playing modes - Sustain, Mute and Controlled Sustain - this looks like a serious challenger to Fernandes Sustainer guitars.

"Sustain" gives infinite sustain on every string and at every fret position; "Mute" is designed for staccato playing, as it removes energy from the strings (a sustainer in reverse!), and "Controlled Sustain" sustains the notes being played while muting those that aren't (which is something the Fernandes system most definitely cannot do).

It sounds great to me! As a huge EBow fan I was very excited a few years ago by the idea of having a Fernandes Sustainer guitar, but two Fernandes guitars later and after much experimentation I have decided that, ultimately, they do not deliver the goods. However, this current Moog guitar isn't exactly affordable at $6,495, so I reckon I'll be sticking with my EBow Plus and Fernandes guitar for a while longer yet.


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