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Killer Pegasus guitar


Killer Pegasus
I'm not quite sure why this horrible looking white thing should be named after a fantastic flying horse from Greek mythology, but apparently this Killer Pegasus mini guitar is a rare discontinued model. I wonder why they discontinued it. I mean, everyone must have been clamouring to get themselves one of these, surely?

By the way, it's actually only got a single pickup. What appears to be the front "pickup" is not a pickup - it's a mini speaker set into a pickup surround, so presumably there's a small on-board amp too. As if this thing was not ugly enough to start with, they're trying to encourage you to take this thing out and about! I'm of the opinion that it's one for locking up in a darkened room.

The seller says it is a "Perfect gift for your kids, girlfriend or wife!", so reading between the lines this is not a guitar for real men. Women and children only, eh? Well, if I was on a sinking ship with this I'd quite happily bung it overboard to make room in the lifeboat.


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