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Jackson Soloist SL2H in Yellow Bengal finish


(Almost) everyday I search the Internet about guitars, to learn more about them, to feed this blog, or to see what I will buy (or more likely not buy) to improve my guitar work (and my GAS). I look for special guitars, often vintage ones because we are living in strange times, when most guitar makers and lovers are stuck in the 1950s and consider that the first models built are for ever the best ones, then to find the innovation and creativity we lack nowadays, one has to go to the 1960s and 1970s (I know, I know I said this already but we have new readers all the time!)...

So I look for special innovative guitars in term of sound, technology and design, but also for classics to have a better understanding of the history of electric lutherie, but what I see the most on the web are guitars like this Jackson Soloist the so-called superstrat aimed at metal shredding! And when I have to select a guitar to post here, I always overlook an endless stream of ESP, PRS and other Jacksons to find the Teisco or Eko gem, the one-off built in a garage by an obscure genius or the tripping East-german bizarro that we'll enjoy together. Once in a while I try to show a superstrat to keep connected to the whole guitar universe but I don't have much to say about it like today (did you notice the tigerish finish? about as scary as a stuffed kitten - exactly what you need to play hair metal).

I know that metal is the most spread style of pop music, but there is something twisted in the guitar business, because of all the kids who buy a superstrat in the hope of becoming the next Kirk Hammett, only 1% will actually learn more or less how to play - since shredding is highly technical and difficult, and 1% of these 1% will do something good out of it. If they would play good old garage rock, they would enjoy themselves much more, reach a better result in a few months, and play much cooler guitars, wouldn't they?


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