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A "Where have I seen that one before?" Chinese Baritone


This nameless Chinese-made baritone guitar is a very cheeky knock-off of the Rick Turner Model 1 guitar as used by Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham.

From the photos on the eBay listing it appears to be a competently-made instrument, if a little rough in some of the finishing touches, but there's no way this is going to be anything remotely like the quality of a genuine Rick Turner guitar, but then you wouldn't be paying for that level of quality either. For example, it doesn't appear that the pickup is able to rotate, and is merely sitting on a circular plate screwed to the top of the body.

Nevertheless, the Model 1 design does lend itself quite nicely to this 28" scale baritone layout. It has echoes of the Hofner violin bass - no doubt helped by the trapeze-type tailpiece being used here.

G L Wilson

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