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First Act Paul Westerberg Signature Guitar


My second post of the morning - just a quickie.
Not going to say much as this Amazon customer review says it all...
"I first saw this guitar in a guitar magazine advert and thought it looked very cool. As it was an "Artist Signature" model I assumed it would be expensive and forgot about it. Some months later I happened across it on the Amazon site for $159, free shippng and thought it might be a diamond in the rough and ordered it immediately. Was very happy with it out of the box, very well made and a cool looker too! I confess I like this guitar so much I took it to my luthier and had him dress and polish the frets, set up intonation and put high end strings on it adding $60 to my cost. This is now my favorite guitar among several higher end instruments, very easy to play and sounds great through several different amps. Some might question the wisdom of spending $60 to set up a $159 guitar but even without the tweaking she is a sweet ride."
OK, "sweet rides" aside interesting eh? IT IS NOW ON AMAZON.COM at $84.99 NEW! and eBay for $75.99 NEW! That's €54 or £47 (plus shipping)

At the VERY LEAST this could be a nice little base for experimenting. It may even end up being todays Teisco of the future.

David in Chilly Barcelona

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