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VICTORIA Solid Body 1965


A rather nice looking guitar with its distinctive S shaped scratchplate and single neck pickup - I guess aimed at a jazzier part of the market. The components are all quite unrefined with barely a curved or chamfered edge. Even the nameplate is simply screwed onto the -almost batwing shaped- headstock giving it, for me, an air of solid functionality about it. This is my kind of guitar, if only it had more pickups, more switches, a little more chrome and wasn't quite so tasteful. From a design point of view (I am a designer by the way - not guitars) there is a lot to admire about this instrument. It follows the aesthetic conceit of "form follows function" even to the extent that the controls are visually linked to the pickup via the scratchplate. Practically the only concession to the un-neccessary is the tailpiece cover but I think we can forgive the makers this time. I just looked at the pictures again and I think it was out of synch with its time. This IS my kind of guitar. Bugger! I think I just fell in love.

David in Barcelona

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