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Liquid Metal Guitar Paisley Telecaster (I had a dream)


Paisley Liquid Metal Telecaster

Dear Santa* / Tooth Fairy* / Kim Jong Il* / Bernard Madoff* (*select your favorite fulfiller of impossible wishes), you know how much I love black paisley for guitar finish - a perfect metaphor of my dichotomous tastes in pop music -, and since I'm a gentleman (as much as I can), I would see it on a sober and classic guitar like a telecaster for example (would put a neck P90 though for a more exciting sound)... Also I'm dreaming for years to get a metal body guitar - a shiny one, not an easy relicking à la Trussart - so combining all this would create the most desirable guitar... 
Alas, I don't believe in miracles and benevolent entities, so...

No, wait, now it exists for good! Liquid Metal Guitars did it, and it's just perfect!  I've been fantasizing for ever on Moollon etched guitars but the paisley pattern really makes my DNA ring... But I'm just an humble musician, and I will never be able to afford such a guitar, so it's still just a dream...

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