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Electro Saz



I've been wanting to show here an electric saz for ever, and I finally found a good picture of one. The saz is a Turkish version of a lute or oud (hence a close cousin of the guitar), with a longer neck and a specific scale of 15 intervals tuned in just intonation, and 3 double strings (if you want to make some research about the saz, it's also called bağlama).

The saz seems to be used in every form of Turkish music - its electrified version has the same status as the electric guitar - and I particularly heard some Turkish jazz and jazz-rock music played by incredible saz virtuosos that really attracted me to this instrument... Unfortunately so far you cannot find Made in China cheap saz to try out the instrument that stays quite expensive, so I couldn't get one yet (I played an acoustic one though, and really enjoyed it).


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