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Peavey Mystic


Peavy Mystic

When 90% of contemporary guitars are copies of Stratocaster, Telecaster or Les Paul, would you say that this early 80s Peavey Mystic is too bizarre, too metal, too pointy or something? Because I find it quite nice, ergonomic and simple - nothing too much - and even respectful of the tradition - upper front horn to hold the strap, upper back to rest the right arm, lower back for the knobs, lower front to put on the leg when playing sitting and pay obedience to Mister Fender, and the extra material in the back is removed to make this (quite big) guitar lighter.

The rail humbuckers say big sound, but you can still make a lot of different kinds of music with a big sound... When I want to judge the design a guitar, I wonder if you can play it while wearing a purple fur jacket, and with the Mystic, definitely yes!


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