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60s Hopf Telstar


hopf telstar

I do love when guitar fronts look like spaceship dashboards in British 60s science-fiction TV shows. That's strange since I usually never change the settings on my guitars - mostly neck pickup and all the knobs on 10 -, and when I want to change my sound, I have to pick another guitar (so I have a good reason to have many guitars and to look for more).

So this beautiful and highly vintage Hopf Telstar is quite appealing to me, but the wood finish reminds me of the furniture of my grandmother, so I'd have the urge to sand it off and make it mate transparent black... But you can't really do that on a guitar from the 60s, can you?

About its sound, of course I can't tell, but I saw The Kills on stage a few weeks ago and really enjoyed what Jamie Hince does with his vintage Hofner... So that's the kind of sound I expect from this guitar!



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