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Can you help identify this guitar?


No, it's not a quiz. It's a genuine query.

Ina writes: "I was wondering if you know which brand that could be. Looking at the knobs, switches and pickups I'd say it's a Teisco. But so far I wasn't able to find a similar pic with 4 pickups. I got this guitar years ago from somebody who was cleaning out his garage. He couldn't tell me where this guitar came from. When I got it was pretty rotten: dirty, only two strings left and the mechanics was completely stuck. I couldn't find any serial numbers or brand names."

I agree that the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the photos was that it looked like a Teisco. However, I can't find pictures of another Teisco quite like it either on Teisco Twangers or elsewhere. I'd say it was almost certainly Japanese and most likely from the 1970s.

Is anyone out there able to better identify this guitar?


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