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Vintage instruments used by Irish showbands and beat groups in the 1960s


Hello there,

I just came across your blog and thought that you might like to see my site with photos of guitars and basses played by Irish bands in the '60s.

Francis Kaye
It's worth having a look through the pictures here; it's quite interesting to see the instruments used by working musicians back in the 1960s. Not everyone could afford the likes of Gibson and Fender guitars, you had to make music on what was available. I'm not saying that all these instruments were bad, but Egmond guitars - for example - do not have a reputation for being the most playable instruments ever made.

I was intrigued to see a picture of one guitarist playing a Wandre Krundaal Bikini guitar with the amp and speaker pod attached. I suppose someone had to play them, I've never seen any photographic evidence before!

If you want to search the archives further, there's a lot more on this website than just the guitars:

G L Wilson

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