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Roter Custom Extended Range Guitar



There are plenty of guitars to talk about, the historical ones from famous pioneering brands and makers, the cool vintage ones with all their anecdotes, the brand new phenomenons, the limited editions for chosen fews, the bizarre one-offs, the last unexpected cheap wonder from China...

Today I will present this guitar made by Roter Custom Guitars, a custom shop somewhere in Poland (until I checked I didn't know it was in Poland, their website is in English, they could have been in New Jersey like Krappy Guitars, another local shop I found on the Internet).

First when you go to Roter's website and check their custom gallery, they have like anybody else 90% of stratocaster or superstrat clones, plus a couple of SGs and a few copies of BC Rich models (and not the good ones) - same in the bass section. But if you click on Extended Range Guitars, you will find more interesting things, such as this 7-string Wintersun.

The design is on the edge of ugly, but on the good side, where it's called daring... The beveled body is made of Wenge with a beautiful slightly sunburst black transparent finish, and it looks like it's going to bite! That's the guitar of Riddick!


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