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1966 Fender Musicmaster II


We already showed a Musicmaster here but this one is in a particularly good state that allows to consider it like a playable guitar and not a relicked museum piece... And it's an attractive little guitar with its Mustang body (actually the Musicmaster came first and the Mustang design is a slight variation, but this one is a Musicmaster II that re-uses the updated Mustang body - is it clear? It also has the regular Fender scale and not the 3/4 one of the previous version - the Musicmaster was a student budget guitar with one single coil pickup [with two pickups it's a Duo-sonic]), its minimal hardware and its big sexy CBS headstock.


[Please see also this previous post where we examined the differences between the various Musicmaster, DuoSonic and Mustang models - G L Wilson]

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