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Peter Kellett Fanned Fret Aluminium Strat


Fanned Fret Aluminium Strat
Any Strat fans searching eBay for the weird and wonderful may well have missed this Peter Kellett Strat type guitar because the seller has, for reasons unknown, very ingeniously listed it as a Tele type guitar. It's a guitar that ticks off several of our "weird" boxes. Firstly you'll notice it has an over-the-top "Western" graphic applied to the front of the body. The body itself is anodized aluminium and the listing claims it is "From the last of the Harly Davidson bodies" (sic) which would imply that the body is genuine Fender. The most unusual feature, however, is the neck which features the Novax (or "Kovax" as the seller insists on calling it) patented fanned fret system so that the scale length varies for each of the strings, the top E having the shortest scale and the low E having the longest and which supposedly makes for more comfortable left-hand positioning.

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