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AxeGlove - THE Ultimate Guitar Protection System


You're not coming in here dressed like thatIt's that time of year where many guitar sites and blogs like to bring to your attention various guitar-related gifts.

Well, how about the AxeGlove, designed to protect your pride and joy from knocks and dents.

There are tales of this product being demonstrated at guitar shows with the salesman bashing a Les Paul custom protected by the AxeGlove against a hard surface, only to remove the cover and show that the guitar was unmarked.

Apparently you can keep it on the guitar as you play too! Possibly you could wear a woolly hat and scarf to match.

Obviously, it's not a product that's going to appeal to the lover of relic-look guitars.

And is it just me, or does anyone else remember a similar product called the "Guitar Sock" a couple of years ago?

Let's face it. It's pyjamas for your guitar.


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