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Caretaker here


Hi folks, our beloved Blogmeister (GL, as we know him) will be away for a couple of weeks and has allowed me to take on some caretaking duties while he is away.

I'm Gary, and I have my own place on the web over at Thumbrella where I too talk about guitars, gigs I've played (I'm in 2 bands and do solo gigs too)
and whatever else takes my interest. I've been coming to this great place for a while now, and GL and I have quite a few things in common - the main one, of course, being guitars. So for the next couple of weeks I'll be popping in and out, feeding the fish, watering the plants, turning the lights on and off, and rummaging through GL's private stash of Guitar Pr0n while he's away!
I'll try not to break anything, even if I throw a wild party the night before you're due back, GL!


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