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Flying V Madness!

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As many of you will know, this year Gibson has been unleashing Guitar of the Week limited edition guitars upon the world, as the title suggests, one week at a time. The most far out example so far, is the above pictured Reverse Flying V. It's an idea that's so simple that I'm amazed that no-one has thought of it before, and it does make me wonder what some other guitar designs might look like in reverse formation. Yes, there's the Gibson Firebird and Reverse-bodied Firebird, although the reversal here is more-or-less a mirror image, as opposed to flipping the body over front-to-back and putting the neck at the opposite end! Similarly, some Mosrite models were based on a flipped-over Strat body shape.

Of course, also from the "putting the neck at the other end" school of design, there is Dewey Decibel's Flip Out guitar, which takes a Strat body and puts the neck at the wrong end, and which I find quite disturbing. There's an empty neck pocket in the place you'd normally expect to find it, so it's a bit of a joke guitar and doesn't work anywhere as nicely from an aesthetic point of view as Gibson's Reverse Flying V.

Meanwhile, here's some more Flying V madness... make of this what you will!


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