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Bill Hatcher Bass VI Telecaster


Hatcher Bari-Tele

In reaction to the Baritone Telecaster post, Craig sent us these pics of his E-e tuned Baritele, and the following text:

'I read your post on baritone teles and thought you might like to see what I have.
I don't know much about it, as far as I can tell, it was made by Bill Hatcher who might be based in Atlanta, Georgia. His name is in the control cavity, along with the date oct. 91.
I acquired it in the mid 90's in Austin, Texas.
Itis tuned like a Fender bass six, from E to E, so i guess it might be more accurate to call it a six string bass, although I think of something quite different when i hear "six string bass".
It has 2 EMG jazz bass pickups in it, which I've often thought of switching out with some Danelectro style lipstick pickups, just because it would look cool. I think the bridge is a Schaller and it's got a neck-thru construction. The wood has some nice figuring to it, although the finish is cracking. Not really sure what the woods are or what sort of finish it has on it.
Maybe some of your readers might know more about BillHatcher, I'd love to know more about this thing.

Well thanks to you Craig, I can't help but I hope you'll find answers amongst the Guitarz community.


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