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rubbish double neck strat type thing

It's the HARRY WORTH* double-neck Strat!

Here's another highly comical bad-looking guitar that I scraped up from the bottom of the eBay barrel especially for your delight and amusement at the beginning of this new year.

Who is this supposed to appeal to? Is it for those who can't decide if they want to play left or right-handed but don't want to appear to be a complete tool like that Michael Angelo Batio fellow?

I suspect it was just a cheap and easy way to build a double neck using readily available parts. I doubt it'll be a popular seller though.

Actually, it seems it's a half-arsed effort; if you click through to the eBay selling page you'll notice in another photo that it has two right-handed necks on it, thus spoiling the mirrored illusion.

Photobucket* For those of you outside of the UK or else of not advanced enough years to remember, Harry Worth was a British comedian who had a TV show back in the 60s, during which title sequence he used to get up to some memorable shenanigans playing about with his reflection in shop windows. Somehow the above guitar brought this to mind!


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