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Fender Stratocaster, Limited edition Antigua re-issue, 2004

Fender Strat, Antigua reissue, 2004
OK, OK... I know I made a bit of a song and a dance a while back about Strats being "the most boring guitar" on the planet (or something). Perhaps I was in denial? Perhaps I just wanted a change? Perhaps I was just a bit pissed off because a couple of years ago I needed the cash and had to sell my japanese 70s style paisley pink Stratocaster.

This new Antigua finish 70s style Strat is lovely, and I think I like the finish more than I liked my paisley Strat. Once again, it's a japanese Strat and it plays and feels just like my old paisley jobbie. Playing this guitar feels like resuming a relationship with an old friend, and I'm beginning to understand now just why the Stratocaster this year celebrated its 50th Anniversary. The guitar is so popular simply because it is a classic piece of design work. I mean, I love my Gibson Flying V but it's not exactly comfortable or convenient to play in a sitting position. The Stratocaster's curves and contours are ergonomically designed to fit to the player's body. It is a superb piece of design.

For me it had to be a 70s style Strat, no other Strat would do. This is partially because I wanted a replacment for my old paisley Strat (the recent paisley reissues are not 70s style), and partly because I like the big headstock and the neck profile. Don't ask me why, it's just what I'm comfortable with, both visually and in use.

These limited edition Antigua re-issues (there's also a Telecaster and a very limited Jaguar available) have been created exclusively for the European market. I got mine for a very nice price all the way from Germany. For more info see


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