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Designed to revive the lost art of self accompaniment, the The Porchboard (floor) Bass is an amplified, analog, rhythm instrument originally intended for solo guitar players. As a player-controlled timekeeping tool, it is beneficial for students, song writers and seasoned musicians.

Because it incorporates the natural technique of tapping your feet to the music, it allows the musician to control the bass rhythm without using artificial rhythm machines or midi equipment. Each tap of the player's foot produces a low-end, full-bodied, bassy beat that is more percussive than a bass guitar, yet sounds fuller and more resonant than most bass drums.

When accompanying a guitar, the PORCH BOARD (floor) BASS gives the impression that the bass "notes" are changing, allowing the solo performer to play with heartfelt intimacy and with a natural, bass beat that many desire. The perfect guitar accessory, the PORCH BOARD (floor) BASS can be mastered in a minimum amount of time... (more)


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