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An original USA handcrafted B.C. Rich Stealth


Rather than re-invent the wheel, let me just unashamedly copy some text from the eBay listing for this guitar:
This is an original B.C. Rich Stealth [...] one of the very few USA handcrafted Stealths that were produced at the BC Rich Custom Shop in Los Angeles California from '83-'84. Only 174 originals built and the black fixed bridge models are the rarest. Designed by the great rock guitarist Rick Derringer and made even more famous by Chuck Schuldiner of "Death" who adored his Stealths.

Originally Rick took his design to Gibson. As usual, Gibson set about a way they could make it cheaper and ruin the mojo. Gibson wanted to make it a set neck guitar and not a neck thru. Rick then took it to Bernie Rico and the rest is Rock n' Roll history. The Stealth is probably the nicest of all the B.C. Rich Guitars. It balances the best and has a very comfortable feel sitting or standing.

SPECS: Mahogany neck-thru and body with a beautiful Brazilian rosewood fretboard. DiMarzio Dual Sound humbuckers. 4 toggle switches - Dual-sound neck and bridge switch, phase switch and kill switch, Quadmatic bridge. 24 fret, 24 5/8 scale, Dunlop strap locks and Schaller tuners that really keep this axe in tune. This guitar plays extremely well and sounds absolutely beautiful whether you play blues, rock or death metal. Strike a chord and your hands will feel how alive this axe is with beautiful resonance.
G L Wilson

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