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The Coolest Guitar Ever Built


Bertram, remember in Crocodile Dundee, when he pulls out a big hunting knife and says "that's not a knife ? THIS is a knife"? Well, I say "That's not a sparkly retro guitar! THIS is a sparkly retro guitar!" In fact this is THE sparkliest retro-est guitar that wasn't made in the golden era of sparkly retro guitars.

This is the holy grail of any vintage guitar collector. This is the COOLEST guitar EVER built - EVER and it's on eBay at this very moment!

We usually think of Guyatone as a typical 60's brand (well, I do) but a quick Google will show that it's still alive and well and selling very expensive effects pedals. And, back in 1982 it was still making guitars.

Hang on, 1982 was the beginning of the era that brought us The SuperStrat, The Parker Fly, The Ibanez PointyThing, The Dean Dime-a-Dozen, The Jackson OMFG! and the original and super-est of SuperStrats - The Charvel. So what was this glittering, glamourous beauty doing being made amidst all those shredder-tastic, testosterone fuelled, dive-bomb-bombastic, cock-rock Phallocasters?

This guitar has an OMG! factor that is measured on the Richter scale. It is sparklier than Elton Johns underpants. It should have a 24 hour armed guard. It will melt your face off if you look at it with an impure heart.

This guitar anticipated the current nostalgia boom spearheaded by the likes of Eastwood and Italia by nearly 30 years and must have looked as out of place as EVH's logo guitar at Yngwie Johann Malmsteen's induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

If you're feeling blue, down in the dumps or just a little moody, get yourself over to eBay right now and scroll through the plethora of wonderful images that barely do justice to the majestic beauty of this oh-so-fine musical instrument and listen very carefully. You will hear, in the distance, the sweet singing of a heavenly choir and a herald of angelic trumpets and you will know you are in the presence of a rare treasure that is a privilege to behold.

Have a very nice day.

David in Heavenly Barcelona

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