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Vox White Shadow


The Vox White Shadow is better known with 2 humbuckers and no pickguard, it's the first time that I see one with this strat configuration, and actually the pickguard improves its very special shape (again I wish I could see it in natural finish, because this blue finish doesn't do it any good). This twisted strat design has this kind of typically 1980s stylization that claimed then that psychedelic times were over - here came the computer age... 

The guitar case is also a nice design effort as you can see here.

This guitar was built at Matsumoku factory in Japan - Vox never built their own instruments but subcontracted them to several international companies, like Italian Eko in the 60s for the famous teardrop-shaped Mark VI or the Phantom, or in the case of the White Shadow to Aria - in the early 80s for Vox guitars first come-back.

Take the opportunity to have a look at Vox's new come back in the guitar field, with their 2008 beautiful high-end semi-hollow Virage model - unfortunately not the kind that most people can afford.


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