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Vintage Tokai Japan 60s Pre Talbo Weird Cool Teisco!


Another case of an eBayer who, not knowing the manufacturers name, lists a couple of fairly smart guesses including the all embracing "Cool" and the inevitable Teisco! - The exclamation mark did not go unnoticed.

Whatever it is, one thing's for sure. It's a corker. And, after a little research - it's a Guyatone Victoria.

The beauty at the bottom is from a Japanese site and there is yet another on Craigs List. The CL pictures are very poor and it's hard to tell anything except that it's bright blue. I think it's a fairly rare item as Google throws up very few examples and fewer still with decent pictures.

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Unknown said...

I have one of these (the one on the bottom), almost exactly the same one only the headstock is a lighter color. I inherited it from my Grandpa who had it set up as a slide guitar with a steel nut and flat wound strings. I thought it cool and groovy the way it was so that is how it still plays. Anyone know anything about these guitars, value, info, anything?

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