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Minimal headless guitar with interesting lap-rest


headless guitar 1
This nice headless guitar is much likely handmade - its seller calls it a aa-Craaft Shark but aa-Craaft is a German brand of sound-systems (and they also tried to penetrate the guitar amps market - unsuccessfully since there are no traces of this on the Web) and never released any guitar unless I'm wrong - so the sticker on the guitar must come from a speaker...

Anyway, it's a very minimal log headless guitar - you can't be wrong when you build this - but what interests me is the original lap-rest, a very 90s design curved piece of plastic that seems quite fitting... Never saw that before, anyone did?  

EDIT: just received this message from Ed from Laguna: "The picture of what you called a  'lap-rest' is upside down.  My original Steinbergers have a similar plastic 'boomerang'.  It is a pivoting connector for the shoulder strap, not a lap-rest." This means that such a lap-rest is yet to be invented, if I wasn't a lazy looser, I would patent this right away... Ed ends his message with: "Love your blog" so I forgive him for making a fool of me.


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